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  AYUSI DAY Ink ( High Luster Quick-Dry )


Applicable scope

Suitable for lithographic offset printing,such as printing all kinds of books and periodicals, elegant graphic cartons.

Product Features

A. Environmental friendly,non-skinning, instant coagulation,fast desiccation,good water-resistance and printing adaptability.

B. Passed China Environmental labeling products certification.

C. Reached the EU ROHS standard.


1、T.V:Valued at 400 rpm by Ink-o-meter (1Min/32℃).

2、D.M:0.1ml Ink 200 grams of weight 15 minutes expanded diameter(mm).

3、Drying Time on Coated Paper/Hr:Natural drying time of ink on paper.

4、Drying Time on Glass /Hr:Ink Skinning time on glass at condition 25℃

5、Setting Time/Min:≦8 Min ink tested by YuHuan YQ-M-4A printability on 157 coated paper.

6、Resistance:Light Resistance 8-1(strong-weak) other 5-1(excellent-fair).

7、“*” means thermosetting performance:Ink to the paper after 1800 degree baking.

8、The above data was from tested results under our company lab,reference only,which was used to introduce the generalinformation of our inks usage.In view of the diversity of printing condition and complexity of printing material,above data should not be considered as the application of ink product assurance,our company reserves the right of final interpretation of above data.

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