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UV601 Offset inks

1.Applicable scope

Applicable to offset printing machine UV curing device, printing senior wood free printing paper, synthetic paper, gold and silver cardboard ,composite laser paper, polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET) or other non absorbent material printing.

2.Product Features

Fast curing, good printing adaptability, suitable for high speed printing
Good transitivity, clear printing dots。      
After curing, the ink skin is full of flexibility and not easy to break.
little odor. 

3.Product Name

UV601-Yellow                              UV601-Magenta
UV601-Cyan                                UV601-Black

4.Physical performance index table

5.Use Attentions:

1.1,Shelf life: 1 year; the quality of the image, such as no foreign body, the technical indicators can continue to use in the case of qualified.
2.If needing to be covered with plastic film, gold stamping, etc. it should be tested during the processing, select the appropriate glue film and foil material and confirm the processing conditions are workable.
3. To avoid contact with the skin directly, if contact with skin, please wash with soap and water

6.Packing method:

1kg/can ×12can / carton

Kindly reminder:

1、the above information is determined under the specified conditions, it is aimed to provide general information on the use of our products. Therefore, it should not be considered as a guarantee for the application of the product.
2、please read the MSDS data before using, different substrates may have different effects, please use the substrate to test and confirm the substrate is suitable for this process works. Any improper use ,we does not assume any liability. (All final interpretation right is reserved for the above information).